Carter’s Race Team

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The Carter family has over 30 years involvement in various forms of Motorsport and are currently New Zealand’s leading endurance race team; Carters Tyre Service can provide you with the best possible advice and service for all your motorsport tyre and wheel requirements.

Carter’s Race Team

Matt and Dwayne Carter both started motorsport at a young age racing karts up until their late teens. From there Matt ran a 1600cc Nissan Sentra in the Nissan Sentra GT championship then had no involvement in motorsport for about 10 years until purchasing an ex Brad Jones AU Falcon supercar which we ran successfully for 3 years. We then sold the AU and purchased our current BF falcon off PCR winning numerous Endurance titles together.

Race Car Specs

Chassis: 2006 888 BF Falcon
Engine: 302 Windsor Stroked to 6.0 Litre
Electronics: Motec M800
Gearbox: 6 speed holinger sequential with gear cut
Diff: Ford 9” Detroit Locker
Clutch: AP Triple Plate Carbon
Brakes: Front Alcon 6 piston caliper with 375mm vented discs rear Alcon 4 piston caliper with 343mm vented discs
Wheels: Autoart 18×11 front and 18×13 rear
Suspension: Sachs 4 way adjustable coil over
Roll Bars: Front and rear cockpit adjustable twin blade