Garry: When I started Carter’s Tyres more than 30 years ago, I wanted to offer something different. As a proud independent family business, we aim to provide the very best products and services for your tyres, wheels and suspension – ensuring superior safety, performance and reliability for our customers’ vehicles and their fleets.

Today Carter’s Tyres has branches supplying people like you all over New Zealand. We’re proud of what our customers say about our superior customer service, outstanding product range, and the skill and commitment of our technical team.

We would like to be your preferred supplier and maintenance partner for your vehicles tyres, wheels and suspension. This website will tell you a little more about us and we hope it will prompt you to contact us for more information.

I stand by our products and services – and I’m certain you will be glad you chose Carters!

Tell us about your business:
Carters Tyres started 33 years ago from a ute and trailer in Auckland. In those days the business specialised in heavy commercial work – heavy trucks and earthmovers. Within six months the business grew by employing three tyre fitters… and from there the business expanded in Auckland. Carters Tyres then partnered with Beaurepairs for work out of town, brought in through national accounts including BP. Beaurepairs then decided to sell up and get out of New Zealand and Carters Tyres bought the business to protect their market.

What made you start a tyre business:
Garry Carter – diesel mechanic by trade – has been in the tyre industry since he was 19. The company he was with in those days, General Tyre Service, was selling up .. and he thought he’d go do his own thing.

Why did you decide to sponsor Rural Exchange:
I think there’s a huge opportunity in farming. It’s very difficult for somebody like myself or any company to talk to farmers. How do you talk to them? Do farmers ring a newspaper? RadioLIVE has put a lot of effort into making sure the right people are fronting REX and that it’s pointed directly at farmers between 5a-7a.

How important is the farming community to your business:
I think it’s massive. Every farmer’s got a car, most have a truck or a tractor. It’s an important part of our business. And what we’re doing with REX is a good opportunity and will definitely increase our business, quite considerably.

Who are your biggest clients:
Fonterra’s our largest transport account in Australasia. Forget the number of trucks they have… it’s about what they do.

Do you have any plans in the future to expand your business:
Two years ago we went into the South Island. We see a lot of opportunity in the South Island. We’ve now got seven branches across the South Island and 34 branches in total across New Zealand.

Anything else you’d like to add:
Carters Tyres in 100-percent New Zealand owned. It’s a family business and I think we need to push that quite hard. Everything we earn gets spent in the local market or returned to New Zealand. It doesn’t go overseas.