Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is hugely important to the health of your fleet. When a vehicle’s wheels are not parallel and facing forward there is the possibility of huge damage to the tyres. Should an employee hit a pothole, components of your suspension that have been carefully set in calculated locations may be moved out of place leading to more issues in the future, and higher costs. Carter’s Tyre Service uses advanced computerised techniques to get each vehicle back in alignment and ensure the performance of your fleet.

Nitro Tyre Inflation

Nitrogen is used for improved performance. Oxygen in compressed air permeates through the wall of the tyre, thus reducing the tyre’s inflation pressure. Oxygen oxidizes the rubber compounds in the tyrem causing under-inflation and deterioration of the rubber. Dry nitrogen will maintains proper inflation pressure and will prevent auto-ignition, avoiding the corrosion of rims, and helping the tyre run cooler. The result? Increased safety and reduced operating costs.

Puncture Repair

Carter’s Tyres Service can repair punctures quickly and easily, either by having the vehicle dropped off to us, or by coming out to your fleet. All punctures are repaired in accordance to the motor industry standard.