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COMMERCial tyres


Carter’s Tyre Service is one of the largest Agricultural Service and Tyre suppliers in New Zealand offering a range of brands and On-Farm servicing.With strong partnerships with National Buying Groups like Farmsource, Farmlands and RuralCo we have all your agricultural tyre needs covered.

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Off the road (OTR)

Carter’s Tyre Service is one of the largest OTR Service and Tyre suppliers in the New Zeal and market offering a range of brands to cover all OTR, Earth mover and large equipment tyre fitments. Carter’s Tyres is also the exclusive New Zealand distributor of Goodyear branded OTR tyres. With strong relationships with major New Zealand businesses like Kiwi Rail, C3 and the Lyttleton Port, Carter’s Tyre Service offers OTR businesses market leading reporting and unbiased advice for all things OTR.

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Trucks and Buses

Our innovative Tyre Technology is a world-first but when it comes to trucks and buses, the tyre choice is also critical. Whilst most brands manufacture a tyre for all applications some brands perform better than others. Our highly trained tyre technicians have identified which tyres these are. So, no matter what your tyre requirements are, we are confident that we will be able to provide you not only with the right tyre, but the best performing tyre for your vehicles.

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Fleet Management Solutions

Carter’s can vastly improve your Fleet Management Operations through revolutionized data management automation that can deliver up to 30% in cost per kilometre savings while making fleets safer and driving environment progress for this industry.  Carter’s innovative digital approach to providing tyre solutions has transformed traditional fleet management to provide fleet managers with transparency, in real-time, to their entire fleet nationally.

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Here at Carter’s Tyre Service, we have our own retread factory manufacturing one of the markets top retread brands “Goodway” this enables us to ensure that you are receiving the best quality retreads for your dollar whilst not compromising safety or performance.

Retread Tyres also majorly help the environment.

Martin Bozarth, Executive director of the International Tyre and Rubber Association, had this to say.

“I don’t know of any other recycled product that saves as much money for the end-user. When you add these savings into the natural resources that are saved and the positive impact, this has on the environment, using retreads is a win-win solution for both the transportation industry and the environment.

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