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Garry Carter

CEO – Managing Director

Garry is the boss. Either on his Harley at the race track, or at work. Garry is always happy to receive feedback on how the team is interacting with his customers.

Matt Carter


When Matt is not at the race track wearing out tyres, you can find him working with customers to reduce their tyre spend.

Paul Hood

General Manager Retreading

Loves his big block and his big tyres. Paul is New Zealand’s most experienced tyre retreader.

Tom Stephenson

OTR Sales

When Tom’s not out hunting for deer, he’s out hunting for customers. He is our in house OTR Guru.

Greg McDonald

Northern Region Sales

Greg might often exaggerate about the size of the fish he caught on the weekend but there is no denying the size of the accounts he looks after.

Dave Dellabarca

North Island Operations Manager

When he is not hitting the gym or talking about the gym he is hitting the road selling tyres to our customers.

Roy Phillips

Commercial Sales Auckland

Bald of head, barefoot water ski legend, but always one to spot a bald tyre on any truck or trailer he comes across. A true “god” when it comes
to offering the best for his customers

Brent Hawkes

Lower North Island Sales

If “Hawksy” is not trying to sell you a tyre over a beer, you will find him in the front row of the Fielding Thunder.

Cedric Hawkins

Taranaki Region Sales

With more than 43 years in the “rubber” business, Cedric is a true “Naki” legend when it comes to tyres and his many long standing relationships within the transport industry.

Jason Bridgwater

South Island Sales

Although Jason can’t decide whether he’s a Rugby or Rugby League supporter, one thing he will decide is the right tyre for his customers.